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Time for an update, I have a couple website projects in the works that are too early to post about, and I’ve settled in on a solution for the photography side of the business.  I am trying out zenfolio and smugmug for hosting images and print sales but either way the address for the photo stuff will be As of this writing that forwards to the zenfolio page which is the one I’m leaning towards since its a little cheaper per year and a little more oriented to print sales rather than prints, videos and display, I must say the 14 day trials on them both are nice and the fact that zenfolio’s main lab is which is local here will make shipping experiences much cleaner than from, the lab of choice for which is located in the S.F. Bay area.  I do believe I will stick with for custom work and for any large wraps or photo boxes since the quality is stellar and customer service is the best.

The direction I’ve decided on for photography is to focus on commercial and sports for sales and continue to explore landscape photography as a love of mine.  That’s not to say I won’t take other jobs like events or portraits its just where I think my skill set fits best.

That’s all I have for now,


Site Updates

Well I think I have things all situated, once I get the pbx setup I will have phone based contact methods. I still need to put up some sort of picture gallery for the photography portion of the site, so thats what I will be working on now. Keep checking back and feel free to chime in if you have any suggestions, or spelling mistakes.


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